About WLPB

Prayer Group
"...and all those in authority"

The Wheaton Leadership Prayer Breakfast, Inc., is an Illinois Not For Profit Corporation founded in 1986 as an initiative by local banker, Bill Davis and Wheaton College Communications Director, Dick Gerig, as well as friends in government and business in Wheaton. Its purpose is to bring together City of Wheaton businessmen and women, and civic leaders, in order to pray for our leadership.


Biblical Foundation:

The WLPB is founded upon the Christian faith, with particular attention to the following two areas of scripture: Romans Chapter 13, Verses 1 through 7, which provides that there is no authority except from God, and those that exist have been ordained of God; as well as I Timothy 2:1-2, which instructs us to "Pray for all that are in authority." 


The WLPB exists to promote awareness of the spiritual dimension of civic leadership, and assist civic leaders in and around Wheaton, Illinois, in recognizing that leadership is ordained of God and that guidance for leaders is provided by God.

Wheaton Leadership Prayer Breakfast Committee Members

 Doris Barrera

Christine Fenne

Barbara Kohout

Dr. Michael Lee

Pastor Devin Leftwich (Co-Chairman)

Kenny Piccolo,

Scott Pointner (Co-Chairman)

Dale Showalter

Andrew Schmidt